Online Memorials


2008 - 2020

Ami, short for "My" Ami, was born into unknown circumstances in the Miami Dade region. Ami's initial years were uncertain, although it was clear she was severely neglected. But when her photo; a half bald, down-trodden dog, made it onto my sister's facebook timeline, her fate was decided. Ami won the lottery. My sister travelled all the way to Miami from British Columbia, Canada and scooped Ami off doggy death row, sight unseen. Ami, who was thought to be a small terrier, was a 30+ pound beagle cross. But that only meant more of her to love. She was food driven, scent driven, and would let the whole world know if she was left lone, even for a minute. From a dumpster dog, to a plump princess living on the sunshine coast, enjoying trails (in her tailor made stroller), and the trees and seas. Ami and my sister found each other and it was meant to be. The last years of Ami's life were full of ups and down, but she knew she was loved the entire time. She had my sister by her side until the very end and although I know it was the hardest decision to let her pass, it was also the bravest. Ami learned the meaning of love over all the years she spent of the streets of Miami Dade. Rest in Peace My Ami Rose. You are so missed.