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2009 - 2019


Looking into her eyes, anyone could see that she was an old soul.

Bean was always loyal to her person, Tammy; never leaving her side, especially when she was sad or sick.

Bean always brought so much love and beauty into this world. She was so quirky, so silly with a side of sass!!! She brought a lot of joy and laughter to all.

She was the best gift from the universe that I could ever have ask for. Having Bean in my life gave me such great purpose of caring for such a beautiful, magnificent soul.
Bean made living in this crazy, hectic world more bearable. She was my best friend. I always called her my puppy, because she would always follow me everywhere I went and she would always wait for me to finish whatever I was doing, so that we could go back to playing.

Bean always waited for me to come home, knew my schedule and would be waiting by the window for my arrival; which was something that I looked forward to every day.

She enjoyed her walks in the garden and sun bathing by her water fountain. Most of all she loved food. Anytime the refrigerator would open, Bean would always be there no matter if she was in a deep sleep, to stick her head in to see what kind of food was in there.

I know that her beautiful soul will go on to the vast universe and she will become a voyager of timeless space and magical colours, creating her own galaxy.

Bean was adopted at the BCSPA in January 2010 when she was 6months old.
Nam Myoho-Renge-Kyo My baby girl<<<