Online Memorials



Miss Brandy is my forever angel in a fur coat. She rescued me 14 years ago when I came in to the SPCA looking for an angel. She had a clear marking on her forehead in the shape of a question mark. As she gazed into my eyes, I asked her if she had the questions or the answers? Her response was a huge slobber kiss all over my face...with that we were bonded immediately and she came home with me. She was a very calm angel...only barked to alert me someone was at that door. She had many doggy & human friends. In 2009 she had a lump on her neck & had a lumpectomy. the tumour was a Grade 11 Soft Tissue Sarcoma. She did well until May 2011, she began to have cluster seizures. This lasted for a month and then stopped. Then in Jan & Feb 2012 she had another seizure. In March 2012 she had 3 seizures in 10 days. In the meantime, I also discovered the lump on her neck had returned with a vengeance. Last week she was rushed to the Emergency Animal Hospital with severe abdominal pain. The vet discovered she had a mass in her abdomen. I agonized over whether I wanted to put her through surgery for her abdomen and her neck and the continued seizures. If it were my choice I would have preferred it if she were 14 months old instead of 14 years old and we could begin all over again. My heart was shattered when I decided to do the best thing for her. At present I am still in shock and I keep talking to her in the house and in the car as if she were still here. A friend of mine told me that Brandy came to me as an angel wearing a fur coat ~ it was the fur coat that was cremated and the angel is in my heart with me forever. I am comforted that Brandy is back home with me, but I also know she lives in my heart forever!