Online Memorials


2006 - 2019

Dear Cadi,
You were named 'Carmelle' by the SPCA upon your arrival, somewhat bedraggled, about to have kittens, and been placed with a caring volunteer so as to have your kittens in comfort before being adopted. Accepting an opportunity to look after you for a weekend, I phoned to arrange your return and burst into tears! Then heard the laughing response, 'I know what's wrong with you ... you're in love'. And I was!
So in June 2008 we started our adventures together, and I renamed you ‘Cadi’ for its Irish meaning of ‘simple happiness’, promising you a safe, caring and quality life. During our 11 years together you were the boss of me, and I accepted that role, although I don't believe I really had a choice, as you could be persistent! Then, a week ago, with the quality of your life diminished, on September 30 my greatest act of love was to release you to go on your next great adventure.
You had three legs, which didn’t hinder you from moving at great speed … when you chose! You had your funny ways: like sleeping with your paw over your eyes, staring at me with those golden eyes, especially when you wanted food or treats. We did have a tussle when you wanted to go out on the balcony and I insisted on putting on your diamond-studded leash. You protested, I won eventually (or not), and out we went (or not)! How you liked to 'plop down' on whatever I was reading, or on my desk, and often right in front of the computer screen, knowing how to get my attention! The visits to your veterinarian were not so much fun as you protested loudly the entire journey, until transferred into his care, when you became a paragon of angelhood!
I miss calling to you, Cadi, when I return home, and especially miss our nightly brush and story times when I would read to you (as practice for my future podcasts, I'd tell you), which you tolerated until you’d had enough, and then you were off! You were so calm when I brushed and talked to you for the last time, before peacefully going to 'sleep', with so-deserving dignity.
Thank you, my treasured girl, for the memories and the lessons I can learn from you, of knowing when to be active, to pause, have balance, sleep, and be in the moment ... as when you watched the birds in the tree outside your window.
You will be remembered in so many ways, of sitting with someone needing comfort, your own chapter in a book of short stories, mention in various newsletters, captured by an artist friend that hangs on my wall, and now with this in memoriam. You will live in my heart forever, my beautiful girl. Until we meet again … blessèd be.