Online Memorials


2015 - 2022

Our dearest Chito,

We are deeply saddened with your sudden departure.  We miss you so much and wish you didn't have to go. 💔

We still hear your purr,  the feel of your happy flop on our feet, your kiss and your persistent begging to go outside to the garden.  You have left your 🐾 in our hearts and we still have more love to give...

Chito,  you are now roaming freely without a leash to hold you back. We are happy for your new-found freedom even though we wish you are still here with us.

We are taking one day at a time, learning how to let you go, and hoping that this sadness will be replaced with precious 🐾 memories of you in due time.

Chito, your furry family: Misa, Tara, Muffin and Leo, misses you too.
We will all miss you and you will be in our hearts forever!

Our gentle giant,
Gone too soon,
Gone but not forgotten,
Always in our hearts,