Online Memorials


1997 - 2017

On April 1 2017 I lost my little Coco, my diva. We spent 20 years together, going through lifes' ups and downs. Coco, having you beside me made me stronger and enlightened. Twenty years of piggyback rides, biting the noggy and just having fun. Every night sleeping so close to you until sunrise. Then your body became weak and frail and life wasn't so fun anymore, for you or for me. I know you had to leave and go to a better place, where there was no pain and join your other loved ones waiting for you. Now I have the pain of letting you go, but that's ok, because just knowing that one day I'll see you again, hold you again and be with you for eternity. Miss you always and forever. Love from Mummy Julie, Cliff and all Gordon's family.