Online Memorials


2008 - 2017

Deagle came into my life a few months after my grandmother passed away. My Anxiety and Panic disorder was at it's worst and Deagle was there by my side everyday through it all. When no one else understood, he loved me unconditionally. He knew when something was wrong, he gave me so many kisses when I'd shed tears. He cuddled up next to me every morning. I treasured all my days with him.

During the end of May 2017, we brought him to the vet as we knew something was off with his breathing. It turned out he had fluid building up in his lungs which was due to a heart condition and possibly a mass in his chest. He always had so much energy and strength. Vets were bewildered by how he still had so much strength in him. It was almost as if nothing was wrong. Almost.

We were so fortunate to have had the time to fully say goodbye to him. I still remember the first day I held him in my arms, the last hug, and then holding him for the first time in a beautiful urn named "Going Home." It's surreal to be living life without him. Deagle was my first and only dog. He was my soulmate dog and always will be. Thank you Deagle for everything you've taught me, for helping me grow, for being there for me whenever I needed someone and for showing me the strength that still resides within me. The strength I thought I'd lost to my Anxiety, Depression and OCD. You were there for me through out my illnesses, I fought hard to make sure I was there for you for yours. With every breath, you were fighting so hard through it all too. It was time for you to be pain free. I'll never stop missing you. Me and Thai will love you always. I'll carry all the beautiful moments we've had with you for the rest of my life. " You'll have this place to call home, always. I'm blessed to be stuck with you. I've loved the good times here. "

Breathe easy now, my angel.

Oyasumi, watashi no ai. Genki de. Matane. Itsumo aishiteruyo. Watashi wa tsuyoidarou. Sayonara, watashi no ai. Sayonara.

"Goodnight, my love. Take care. See you later. I love you always. I will be strong. Goodbye, my love. Goodbye."


Deagle's last few days -