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She surrvived kidney failure and my vet ´´dr.´´amar-deep bajwa saved her lif s he was at deaths doors. hadnt eaten for 10 days...she was on i.v fluids.and she found her way back to me...i had her for 3 more yrs till cancer took her. and i had her cremated here at ´´till we meet again… thank you kevin… I now have a 7 toed polydactyl carbon copey of my amar-ige he has 7 toes on each bttom foot and 5 on the right front and 6 on the left]and he´ s named after my vet´´amar-[deep] and amar-ige...just amar is his nam, means imortal and love...hastings street vets is where you can find the most caring and sensitive vets brothers.dr.amardeep bajwa and jangee bajwa.´´amar´can turn my lites on and off with his ´´big feets or teeth.he like amarige loves water.he is her double look alike.ive had several strokes´´the 3rd took my speech and with my cats help learning to talk again was well… and my cats listened to me every day repeating myself and so on....they are my very comfort indeed....i would reccomend ´´till we meet again to anyone who need this caring, kind facility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you from the bottom of my hevy heart…