Online Memorials

Domino Mangosteen

2008 - 2021

Over 10 years ago I met you at the shelter when you were just 2 years old. Week after week I’d come in for volunteering and you were still there. Always on your back feet, supporting yourself on the door of your kennel, begging for love and affection. I fell in love with you over those weeks and finally brought you home.
You showered me in kisses and demanded head rubs in return. You were so curious about everything which often got yourself into trouble. Of course you had your girls, Darcy and Lizzie, who would often add to your mischief. They both loved you so much.
Over the years you began to slow down. First with the arthritis and spondylosis, then the cataracts and blindness. None of this seemed to stop you though, and you still had your ways of letting me you know were happy.
Once we found out you had a thymoma, I knew our time together was limited. You were having such a hard time breathing and it wasn’t fair of me to keep you going when you were ready to be sent on your way.
You were the most wonderful creature in my life - always so keen to remind me that I was yours by rubbing your chin on me whenever I got home. It was my turn to show you how much I love you by being strong enough to let you go.