Online Memorials


2003 - 2011

His previous owner was very abusive and was a drug dealer. When the cops caught him they took the dog to the pound in Abbotsford (because he was aggressive) where they were going to put him down. The pound phoned the local vet who took Duece in and there my dad got a call asking if he wanted to adopt a dog. My dad said yes undoubtedly because we were still grieving the loss of our chocolate lab who was stolen from us at just 5 months old. That day Duece came home, at first he was only friendly with my dad and brother because they were the first people he had come in contact with. My mom didn´t like the idea of having and aggressive dog around the house esp. with my little brother. So once again Duece ended up at the SPCA where he was going to be put down. My mom didn´t realize that and so when my dad found out he called the SPCA and again brought Duece home. After that day Duece never growled at my mom or me and my younger brother he was very friendly but of course he was still a guard dog and those that visited had to be careful. He was amazing so obedient and very loyal. He gave the best bear hugs and wet kisses and never failed to bring a smile on your face. He was quite handsome as well with such a symmetrical face :) I loved him to pieces and July 2011 we got bad news Duece had bone cancer in this front left leg. Prior to that about 4 years Duece had gotten run over by a van while on a walk with my dad and then he had gotten stitches. Now hearing this was very heartbreaking. We couldn´t do much but give him pain killers because the doctors said if we got him amputated he would not be able to lift his weight. A few weeks now he seemed to be getting back to normal but the past three days he wasn´t eating anything. Finally this morning it started at 4am he began whining waking up the whole house. My dad went to the vet and got painkillers we gave him those and he settled down. It got worse however toward 9am and he was shivering and breathing heavily and blood was coming from his mouth and there was puke and pee and poo everywhere. He couldn´t help himself and we couldn´t bear to see him go through that pain so my mom and brother took him to the vet where he got put down. As my brother said his last goodbye Duece gave out a little whimper. No one will know what he said but now we know he is pain free and in a better place <3 Love him so much and he will never be forgotten. He was one of a kind a dog like no other. <3