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Fuu Fuu

2008 - 2016

Fuu Fuu passed away in my arms this morning at 10:30 am. He took his last few breaths and was in peace. Words cannot explain the heartbreak and devastation we are feeling. He has brought so much joy and love to our family that can never be replaced. Fuu Fuu is a chinnie like no other. He was a roam free soul that was the king of the house. His happiness and charm was infectious. He reciprocated even more love to us than we can ever imagine.

No more monthly visits to the dental specialist for teeth trimming, and no more eating mushy food. You are now at the rainbow bridge free of pain. You can now eat all the hay, nuts, wheat germ and pellets that your little heart desires. This was all so very sudden, and we didn't get to say our proper goodbye. I still can't believe you won't be by my side every morning when I wake up. I was always hoping that you would be a super chinchilla that lived till 20.

I will miss our snuggles and our 3:00 am feedings. I want to thank you for all the precious memories and love you have given us all these years. Days are longer and has left an emptiness in our hearts. Not a day goes by, without me still shedding a tear knowing that we will never see you again. I am longing for that day until we meet again.

Love Renee, Jeff and Dad

Rest in Peace my Sweet Love.
Feb 21, 2008 - Dec 11, 2016.