Online Memorials

Gunnar Dominelli

2014 - 2022

april 26th, 2014 - june 12th, 2022
if tears could build a stairway and memories a lane. I would walk right up to heaven and bring you back home again.
my baby boy gunnar, how i wish that this was all a bad dream, and that you were still here with all of us. you were much too young and still had many, many more years ahead of you. years for you to enjoy with us, as well as us enjoying with you.
but unfortunately you became sick and we were all wishing & hoping for a miracle. that with the help of a more organic diet & supplements, that you would beat this sickness and win the fight of your life. sadly and heartbreaking, that wasn't the case.
gunnar you were our faithful, loyal, loving companion, and beloved best friend. you were truly loved & adored. you were such a handsome, good looking boy who was so full of energy & life. you were always eager & excited to go on walks, had a non-stop appetite, were an amazing mind reader who knew exactly what we were going to do or where we were going to go without any words, always excited to fetch & kick the balls around. you watched over us, protected & alerted us to anything out of the ordinary. you were the ultimate best dog anyone could have hoped & wished for.
we can still hear and feel your presence in the house & out in the yard. we hear your whining, we open the door or walk in the other room expecting to see you there. we rush home so that we can let you go outside or that it is close to your feeding time...but sadly & unbearably heartbreaking you are not physically here with us.
gunnar, we are all blessed to have had shared only 8 shorts years of your life with you. we have lots of enjoyable and happy memories with you.
you are now back hanging out with your brother cat whisky, once again.
missing their papa gunnar terribly & with extreme sadness are your 2 boy cats, storm & chase. they are looking for you, smelling your blankets, missing their cuddles with you, sharing treats...they are lost without you.
missing you with unbearable sadness & heartache is
nick. he chose you & drove to merritt, bc to pick you up & bring you to your forever home in coquitlam, bc. you were his boy.
missing you is your mom, raffaela. i also went along to the drive to merritt. gunnar, my dear heart is breaking, my eyes are filling up with tears as i write this online memorial for you. there are just too many memories to write, but we all wanted more. your life was cut too short. i will see you again one day, my baby boy. rest in peace & free from pain.
missing you is sam, who you looked forward to going out on your daily walks with.
gunnar...remembering you is easy, we do it everyday. missing you is heartache, that never goes away. you may be no longer by our sides or in our arms, but you are forever in our hearts.
until we meet again...ciao bello mio, gunnar xoxoxo