Online Memorials


Feb 2010 - Oct 2019

Gunner came to us from Iowa when he was four months old. He was one of the remaining 3 pups that the breeder surrendered to the rescue from a litter of 12. We feel very privileged to have had him in our lives, and hope that we provided him with all the love and understanding, walks on the trails, swims in the river, that he could wish for.

Gunner was always so happy to see us when we came home from grocery shopping and would burrow his head in every bag to see what tasty treats might be hiding within. We would laugh every time and give him great hugs and kisses: a treat would always follow.

Gunner was much loved for the calm and gentle boy that he was. He never chased squirrels or cats, much to their surprise! Everyone that he met became very fond of him, and all were saddened to hear of his passing.

We think about him every day and feel his loss very deeply. We miss everything about our boy but mostly his presence.

Gunner made us laugh every day and gave us great joy every minute.