Online Memorials


2010 - 2017


To describe such a wondrous creature in a brief paragraph is to do the impossible; you were brave, curious, vivacious, loving, wild, happy, kind and the center of my world.
I’m speechless and heart broken.

The love that I had for you is beyond what I had ever expected to experience. You were my partner in crime for countless adventures and my best friend through all of the ups and downs. In the moments that I felt most alone, you’d curl up next to me and make the world feel like a better place. Any bad day would melt away when I came home to you with your silly grin, always smiling no matter if I was gone 5 minutes or 5 hours. I loved watching you run with your crooked tail galloping through the forest like you were king of the world, a whopping 12 pounds of pure bravery and soul, you loved to be free.
Thank you for loving me so entirely every minute of your too short life, for always keeping my feet warm, for scaring away everything that moved in the night, for teaching me a new level of patience, for always keeping me on my toes and showing me that love is endless.

My house is no longer a home without your nails clicking on the hardwood or watching you digging at every blanket/sweater while staring at me, waiting for me to bundle you up. It’s too quiet without you dancing around in the bathroom every time your water dish was empty and bedtime isn’t the same without you growling at me each night to tell me you were ready for the “puppy elevator” to go to cuddle in for the night. The way you tolerated Ziggy and his crazy kitten antics warmed my heart and brought us both so much joy.
You certainly left paw prints on the hearts of every person you met with your sweet little face complete with your satellite dish ears and your funny little beard. I’ve never met a dog that was adored by so many. Now you’re free, my little love, but life is truly never going to be the same, for me and countless others.

I'll miss you forever. Love, your Mama.