Online Memorials

Hurley Blue

2008 - 2019

Our dearest boy Hurley Blue,
You stole our hearts, when our eyes met you.
Wagging tail and chubby face,
On walks you always set the pace.

You worked so hard all around the house,
Cleaning dishes, floors and hunting that mouse!
You kept watch over your kids Sarah and Blake,
Always lifeguard duty when we were at the lake.

Bunnies, babies and toddlers, weren’t the easiest pack,
But all your life with honour, you always had our back.
Hide and seek was your favourite trick,
You’d always find the kids for a treat or a stick.

As Rob had dreamed for his buddy little “Grunter”,
You worked so hard to be a really good Hunter!
Fishing was also a much loved pastime,
You’d wake from your nap with the zip of the line!

A Tent, Yurt or Cabin were a comfy second home,
Especially that trip where you scored the Dino sized bone!
When we went on hols without you, we got home and you were mad,
But being spoiled by Grandma was really not that bad!

You weren’t too fond of dogs, other than the Labs,
So when I bought that mutt home, you were not very glad!
As time went by, you loved George, and taught him it all,
How to beg for treats and not to touch your ball!

For our whole family, you were a solid friend,
Listening to stories or tears with a hug to lend.
While our home was always busy, at night when lights grew dim,
You brought us your treat puzzle toy, to fill it to the brim!

As happy to go on adventures, as to lie upon the couch,
On movie night you’d steal popcorn, try to stop you – OUCH!
We glimpsed a great life, lived by you, your way,
We’re going to really miss you, every single day.

You taught us to live each moment with presence, charm and grace,
And if you find a baby eating, don’t forget to clean their face!
Our hearts are heavy now, with the hole you left behind,
But as we heal together, great memories fill our mind.

You made an impact near and far, with everyone you met,
But most of all Hurley Blue, you were the greatest pet.
A pet seems not to say quite enough, about who you were to us all,
A perfect member of our family, who nearly always came when we would call.

We love you so much Hurley, and though life won’t be the same,
We’ll have your spirit on our paddleboards & boats
and will forever say your name…..