Online Memorials


2008 - 2018

On a cold December day, your daddy and I went to the pet store because I wanted a fish, a fish turned into a lizard, which turned into a guinea pig... but then I saw you. Curled up like a fluffy, little black bean, you looked so lonely. I asked to hold you and the moment you snuggled into me I never wanted to let you go. It was snowy and windy and you were too small for the carrier, so we walked home with you nestled in my coat, right next to my heart. From there we were inseparable, I always said I wasn't sure if you could live without me, but the truth was, I wasn't sure if I could live without you. You were my rock, my constant; you always cheered me up and calmed my soul. I had never seen the look of pure love until I saw it in your eyes and I'm afraid I never will again. I miss you Jack Jack; my muffin, my monkey, my sugarbear, my sweet bean... Thank you for all the love you gave me. Turns out, I can live without you, but it's so hard and I miss you every day. You're Daddy and I love you, forever and always. ❤ xoxoxoxo