Online Memorials

Jagaimo “Jaga” Shukumei

2001 - 2022

Jaga the Brave.

Jaga the Strong. The matriarch. Outlived her children.
Jaga the Gentle. Comforter extraordinaire.
Jaga the Beautiful. Biggest eyes and ears.
Slayer of wasps.
Jaga the Loud. Voice of thunder that tells us when we were to sleep.
Jaga the Tiny. The biggest small cat there ever was.
Jaga the Protector. Stares down dogs.
Jaga the Survivor. Leg injury at 3 and the worst arthritis they had ever seen. Walked to her last day in the physical sphere.

To a life well lived. A being loved so very dearly.

Jaga is with her children now and protects us from the ever after.

She leaves us her legacy. She is our company namesake. We will see her again someday, but not before we make her proud!