Online Memorials


2005 - 2022

To our beautiful little girl, Jessie. “We love you forever and always. Thank you for choosing us to be your forever family.”

Just after 2:00 PM on January 7th of 2022, my wife and I said a tearful goodbye to our beloved family member Jessie O’Callaghan Kerr as she peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge in the comfort of her own home, surrounded by her loved ones and under the kind care and supervision of Dr. Jeff from Lifting Stars Pet Homecare.

Jessie entered our lives in the Summer of 2010 when we first spotted each other from across the room at the Vancouver SPCA. She was five years old, had been abandoned twice, and was incredibly shy. As soon as I saw Jessie, I turned to my wife (then fiancée), grabbed her hand, and walked her toward the beautiful calico kitty. My wife and I formed a very special bond with Jessie as we spent the time to slowly gain her trust enough to scratch her neck, pet her nose, and eventually hear her heart-warming purr. On Jessie’s cage was a heart-breaking description that read “I’m beautiful, but I don’t know it.” From that exact moment, I knew that we were the forever family to love and care for her, showing her how truly beautiful she is.

At the time, Jessie preferred to be the only cat in our household. She absolutely loved affection, but only if it were on her own terms. Jessie was very timid and was frightened easily by sounds, motions, and any changes made to her environment. We were eventually relieved to find a daily medication that we could give to her to help with her severe stress and anxiety. In the Summer of 2013, we added another fur-baby to our family. This time, it was a rescue kitten named Lily. Jessie was very hesitant to be around Lily at first, but over time they became inseparable.

Being a kitty with special needs, Jessie has had a huge impact on our lives by teaching us how to be more patient, understanding, empathetic, and compassionate. We will miss her every single day but are comforted in knowing that she will forever be in our hearts, memories, thoughts, and conversations.

We love you, Jessie. Forever and always,
Your forever daddy and mommy, Doug and Heidi, and your little sisters, Lily and Hilo.