Online Memorials


2002 - 2018

With heavy hearts, the family of Kawasaki (Kawi) Dunn, announces his passing at the age of 86 (cat years), 16 (human years). Born April 2002 in the region of Ottawa ON, Kawi died peacefully and surrounded by love at his home in Vancouver BC, on November 23, 2018. He is survived by his human family and his brother Suzuki.

Kawi held many volunteer positions over the years. His role as an in-house rooster made alarm clocks obsolete. He also served as an assistant bed-maker, professional cuddler, Instagram meowdel and grocery bag inspector. He was a persistent artist with many talents, including early morning opera singing and improv comedy.

Kawi found something to purr about everyday. His many passions included, boxes, treats, garbage bin tipping, his hu-mum, wildlife (especially bird videos on YouTube), unrolling bathroom tissue, his “my little pony” toy and catnip bananas. Kawi’s extra toes, gray goatee and persnickety cattitude made him unique but he will be remembered most for the comfort, smiles and lessons he brought to his family.

He saw mountains and ocean, trains and tugboats, flew first class, tasted cheese, spilled wine and chewed grass. Kawi knew what it meant to be cherished and loved unconditionally. He will be missed more than any words could possibly explain.

Special thanks and appreciation to Dr. Berkshire and Lifting Stars Pet Home Care.