Online Memorials


2005 - 2019

For just over 14 years, Kevin was the center of our household and our hearts. Through new jobs, new homes, and new provinces, he was a sweet, steady presence in our lives. We moved nine times during Kevin’s 14 years, from Ontarion, to Nova Scotia, to BC, and he rolled with the punches throughout, rocking it in the heart of the city and the in middle of the country. He paddled in the Pacific and the Atlantic with equal joy, co-piloted a cross country journey with Tony, and made us laugh every day. We couldn’t be more grateful for every second with this handsome, clever, funny soul. We saw him off to the big dog-beach in the sky as kindly as we could have, and his passing was as perfect and peaceful as we could have ever hoped. We’re completely heartbroken, but strengthened in the knowledge that he had such a full and joyful life. We miss you pupper.