Online Memorials


2012 - 2018

The story of Lynx is as unique as she was. We had moved to a new home and neighbourhood and shortly after our cat at the time by the name of Puma had gone missing. As we went searching for her one evening we saw a little kitten run across the back alley. We followed the kitten and came across a litter of the cutest little furry babies that had taken shelter underneath a porch. We had the stray family rescued by a cat orphanage. Out of this litter we kept two kittens - brother and sister, one black and one grey, both with beautiful green eyes, and welcomed them into our home. The black one we called Lynx, which we ended up always calling her "Lynxee". She was gentle, snuggly, soft and beautiful. Her soul was kind, caring and courageous. She had been through so much in the short time she was with us. She was our solider. We loved her dearly. We share many beautiful memories with her and will always keep these close to our hearts. Rest in peace sweetheart. Love your "Mommy" and family xoxo.