Online Memorials

Magic / Mage / Yumpy / Kato

2007 - 2016

Dearest Mage,

We adopted you from the SPCA and you instantly found a forever home with us, not just in our home, but in our hearts too.
You meant so much to us and you were such a playful character. This is the reason why you had so many names. You were dubbed Magic because you were so beautiful it was like you came from a fairy tale. Then you were dubbed Yumpy because you would jump straight up in the air at your reflection as a kitten. Then you were dubbed Kato because you would sneak out and attack us in your ever playful way. Lastly, you were dubbed Mage because when you gazed at us with your beautiful blue eyes you seemed to be a wise old soul.

Your passing came much too soon. We love and miss you so much our dear Mage. God speed home dear friend. Love Wayne and Susie