Online Memorials


2009 - 2022

Max you were the most loving cat that I’ve ever had. We read each other’s minds p, and knew how each other was feeling. I could tell that you were not yourself for a couple weeks, but stubborn you continued to be a strong guy as not to worry mom and I. I had to get you a check up and a little more age related issues came up. Those last few days you wanted to have your own space under the bed I understood completely that was your way of getting us prepared for your exit from our lives. While you my Buddy saved enough energy to come out and give me some special purr moments, “you knew I needed those so thanks mom gave you some well needed time in the tub. To say our last goodbyes in the home that the 3 of us loved was meant to be. “Lil shit” bubbas you will be missed and till we meet again I will always love you. Ps thanks for the Eagle flyover an the Crow visit one week after at exactly 12:25 pm we know they came from you remember you and I read each other.