Online Memorials


2001 - 2017

Morbid her mortal coil yesterday morning, with Andrew, Loofah and I at her side. Anyone who has ever met our garrulous, black sausage would know she was the sweetest beast, the apple or our eye, and had collected more nicknames than you can poke a stick at. Morbid adopted us back in the third week of March in 2002 at the Duncan SPCA. There we were able to take a number of puppies for a small walk across an open area. As I walked behind Andrew, I saw a tiny black pup, with a white blaze, and white toes, gambol over fall into step next to him. Unaware, his eyes ahead, Morbid looked up at Andrew and made her decision. I'll never forget that image, and hope that this will be my dying memory. She loved us all, but adored Andrew. Over the years we had so many adventures together - from road trips, to camping, to 5 star accommodations, Morbid loved them all. It just wasn't a proper trip unless she was with us. Morbid was an active member of the UVIC and Topaz dog parks. So many hours running the grounds and socializing in all types of weather. I remember once, in her prime, she and her Ibizen buddy ran laps around Topaz field. Our group stopped counting at 7, taking bets which of them would stop first. All money was on Phoenix, a luring dog - genetically designed to run. We literally began to get dizzy following their progress. I think they hit double digits when Phoenix showed signs of tiring, and soon lay panting in the shade. Once he stopped, Morbid did too - she'd made her point. No need to humiliate him further. Morbid was an integral part of our Advisory Group, helping to establish legitimate off leash areas, and hours in City parks. On opening day of the Pilot Project, she was described in the Times Colonist as "ball obsessed". Boy, they got that right. Morbid never met a dog or person she didn't like. I strived to be more like her every day, and her natural joy and sense of fun made me a better person. About 5 years ago, Morbid began to limp and we discovered the onset of arthritis in her front legs and paws. With reasonable treatment, and changes to lifestyle, she could continue a comfortable life. Enter Loofah, our Mexican rescue. Morbid and she hit it right off, and they became instant close companions. With the help of our excellent Vet clinic, we were able to monitor Morbid's health, tweaking her treatment, and making sure her comfort level and enjoyment of life were maintained. Last Fall we noticed the gaps between treatment were becoming shorter. She wouldn't show it, but we knew her suffering was growing. Her legs were getting wobbly, and her body was weaker. She would have kept fighting, but we didn't want her to. Morbid is free of pain now, and with Calico to boss her again. Back on Earth, Andrew, Loofah, and I will wonder how to muddle along with out her. As you can expect, our home is way too quiet. They say you'll love all your dogs, but only have one truly special one in a lifetime. Morbid, you were it. No question. Thank you for each and every day, and love you forever, Girl.