Online Memorials

Mr. Cuddles

2015 - 2018

We mourn the loss of our sweet, loving and so dearly loved baby, Mr. Cuddles, who died in a tragic hit and run. The last thing he did before he left home was cuddle and purr beside me as I recited my Qur’an. The grief of losing a pet is something only those who have loved an animal will understand. Mr Cuddles was one in a billion. He was a cat it’s true, but he thought he was human. He was only a baby kitten when we rescued him from the shelter and we couldn’t imagine life without him so off he flew to Vancouver with us, moving everywhere we did. He cuddled with us, slept with us, prayed with us and played with us. He was loyal like a dog, running to the door every time the door bell rang to sniff up strangers, or coming to greet us when he heard our footsteps come through the door. In the mornings he would wake up to accompany me on fajr rounds. He was a real talker too. He’d meow up a storm if he had anything to complain about and purred endlessly especially when we pet him. He would even allow Khalil to hold him close as if he was a teddy bear, and Khalil would lay his head on Mr Cuddles fur and kiss him while Mr Cuddles enjoyed every second purring like there was no tomorrow. Mr Cuddles loved to drink from water taps in the sink and bath tub where we would patiently wait until he had his fill. His favourite foods were turkey and fish and he absolutely loved nibbling on plants especially flowers. He was feared by mice and birds, both of whom he managed to catch and bring into the house on more than one occasion as trophies of conquest he laid before us. He was always upset when we went on trips even though we’d make sure he was never alone for more than a day or two. And now he’s left us, and our hearts ache to see him again and to rub his belly and cuddle him and never let him go. He was our emotional support pet. He always knew when one of us was sad and came to sit with us and rubbed against us, as if to hug us and say: Everything will be ok. I’ll stay right by your side. Siraj always said he had two brothers: Mr Cuddles and then Khalil. Mr Cuddles knew his place in the family. And he will always hold a place in our hearts for an eternity. Mr Cuddles, may you enjoy kitty heaven with lots of delicious cat food, eternal springs of water, beautiful flowers, plenty of mice and birds to keep you busy and angels to rub your belly and cuddle with you until we meet again ❤️🐱🌹