Online Memorials


2006 - 2019

Our boy Quincy Jones. 13 beautiful years with you, your pride and elegance, your independence and blessed cuddles, your graciousness, your sqwalk instead of a mew, your good morning and please feed me presence, brush me but not there!! moments, your eyes that spoke, to tell me you loved me, your balls of fur on my floors, your snoring, your little growl during your pawdicures, smiling for the hundreds of pictures I have taken of you, … I will miss you forever. You battled your thyroid issues, then came the Hypertension Cardiomyopathy. You hated your meds, but new they helped you. It crushed us to see you lose your sparkle, and become so thin…..but it broke us to have to let you go. I held you while you took your last breath, I hope you felt my Love. You’ve left a void Sir Quincy. We will rescue and love another, or 2,3,4 (giggle) but no kitty will ever replace you. Hope your enjoying your pain free life, and giving kisses from me to all the ones before you. Until we meet again my boy. ♫Your are so beautiful, to me ♫.