Online Memorials



The tree you chose to shelter under
The time of day you came
You knew exactly where to be
Our lives would never be the same.

We took you in and cared for you
We loved you endlessly
Your time with us was way too short
So hard to set you free.

We know the tears will end
The pain will fade away
But forever in our hearts
You are here to stay.

Ruby, my little man. I miss you. I miss your nose nudges and little kisses, your zoomies, and your binkies. You were the sweetest little bunny with a gentle personality. Many nights we stayed up late just to watch you racing around enjoying life. Bunnies are quiet…and quick, you’d be underfoot in the blink of an eye, especially if we were walking toward the treats cupboard. You were very selective on what you did and did not like and I’m grateful you chose to like us. You filled our hearts with so much joy and love that your passing has left them shattered. There is no comfort for us Rudy now that your gone. We have only to hope you know how much you were and are loved. I love you.