Online Memorials



Our Very Dearest Shatoosh,

We love you dearly and are so happy you were in our lives for 14 years! You brought us pure joy, fun, many new and exciting games, and delicious cuddles. Always knowing your own mind, you taught us many things. When you and your sister were just a few months old, we were barricading you both in the living room with your food and litter box to keep you safe overnight. One night I heard something and there you were in the kitchen doorway, perched on top of the giant pillow we had used to block the passage, pushing it over! You looked so determined, like you were bringing down the Berlin Wall. Ever since then, the four of us slept on the bed together.

You were original, inventive, fun, loving, and caring, but not too ‘emotional’ (like your mom). An admirable and valiant soul you are, and I am enjoying our formless contact now, and I suspect ongoing for the rest of my life. You are our best buddy. We will see you soon on the Rainbow Bridge. Till then, we continue to love you so very much.

Your mom and dad,

Graem and Genoa Castell