Online Memorials


Sid... the best pug that ever blessed this Earth, passed in the arms of his beloved father Simon. Sid was a legend, loved by so many, and he leaves a legacy behind him. Sid may have been small in form, but he was mighty in heart and inspiration to his dad. Because of Sid, his dad went on to start a business inspired by Sid. A business that helps the lives of people on a daily basis.

Because of Sid, people are making healthier choices in their lives. Because of Sid, lives are being saved. Sid wasn't just a little pug, he was a hero, he brought smiles to everyone's face, he inspired many of us to stay strong through his own adversity and struggles. If Sid could do it, WE could do it.

Because of Sid, his dad was blessed with the love of a furry little best friend.

Everyone knew 'Sid and Simon', and nobody will ever forget.

We love you Sid, and we love you Simon.

We are all so sorry for your loss, but because of you and Sid, we will help you carry on his legacy far in to the future.

Rest easy you little fuzzy butt pug baby. You will always be missed!