Online Memorials


2013 - 2018

To my love Tomiko,

Remember that day you were hatched and given a birth by an egg. I had been taking care of you since you were a baby. How much you were very brave and strong when you had a disability. You were adorable when you were all of funny, bossy, intelligent, and sweet. The many years, I spent too much money fancy, expensive foods, toys, cages, and things for you. It was because I cared and loved you very much. I know we loved each other alot. We were always so happy to spend together for many years. For as the future, I will meet you and see you in heaven when I am an angel again after I die. For now, I want you to stay in heaven to be happy and peaceful until I come down and never leave you. Let's be together in heaven. I love you is the only one in my heart and love forever, my Tomiko.