Online Memorials



Toots, also known as Toots42069, Tootsie Pop, Tootsie Roll and Tooties, passed away on November 3rd in his sleep after suffering from kidney failure. He was a very unique soul. Even my dad, who hates cats, let Toots into his house and said he was a very cool cat. I watched many times as he ran to greet strangers on the sidewalk and chasing after them after giving him a pet. He loved going to the park and playing with his best friend, Heffer, a German Shorthair/Lab cross. They grew up together and were once the same size. Sometimes Toots would get himself into trouble by trying to follow us to work or by stealing steak off someone's plate, sending the household into a mad chase to retrieve the steak with Toots still attached, dangling and growling. He was a wild cat. He brought us dead mice and birds. He growled when he ate, he enjoyed watching movies and taking car trips. Toots understood that there was more than just the neighbourhood to explore and often jumped into the car before we could close the doors. He enjoyed long naps on the beach but not the waves. He had many friends as he accompanied us to parties and other events and will be missed by them all. I will even miss the way he looked at me while he peed on the bed. Such a sassy cat. No more hellos when I come home, no more thank you purrs after dinner, no more playing tag at the park. He is not laying in bed waiting for me to wake up and feed him in the morning. He is not jumping on my husband's lap begging for a scratch behind the ears or a cuddle, but he is still with us in spirit reminding us not to take life for granted, do what you want to do before it's too late. Only short of a year old, Toots' life was full and fun, he was our best friend and our baby. We love and miss him very much.