Online Memorials


2016 - 2017

Vader was a truly unique kitten. He had a long tail that wagged when playing, sleeping, resting, or hunting! He had long claws for how tiny of a kitty he was. As a new born he was dropped at a dump and recused by the SPCA where he was later adopted by my husband and I. He had ongoing issues with his GI tract and had many visits to the vet in his short life. However, in his 9.5 months of life, Vader became a true adventure cat! He went on multiple hikes, trips with the family to the Okanagan, visits to see his mommy and daddy at work, and on drives virtually anywhere his mommy and daddy could take him. He was laid back and easily adapted to any environment with the love, comfort, and encouragement from his parents... not to forget how psychotic he would be playing in the comfort of his own home! Vader, your mommy and daddy truly miss and love you more than you could ever know! You will forever be our son, our love, our dumpster kitty, and our adventure cat! xx