Online Memorials

whisky dominelli

2007 - 2019

My Dearest Whisky...One year has now passed since we had to say the hardest goodbye to you. This by far was the most difficult thing that I have ever had to do because I didn't want to say goodbye. As I am writing this, tears are filling up my eyes and streaming down my face as I think back to that terrible day. I miss you terribly and think of you all of the time. I still have your blanket and a part of you on my bed, where you spent all of your 12-1/2 years near me at night. You were the best cat that I could have ever asked for. So loveable, smart, sweet, loyal, cuddly, attentive, how you understood everything that I would say to you, how you communicated to me when you wanted to have a little extra to eat or have your daily treats, how you would tap on my face with your paw when you wanted to wake me up and no matter how many times you did this throughout the night I woke up every single time because you were more important to me than having a good night's sleep, we shared so many beautiful moments together in the 12-1/2 years but we still had more that we could have shared. My broken heart still aches for you Whisky and the tears are flowing. You are not in anymore pain and discomfort. You are back running around and hanging out with your dog brother, Zeus. Your mom will join you one day and we will all be together once again. I will hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in heaven. Rest In Peace my baby boy Whisky. Ciao bello mio. With endless Hugs & Kisses, Your Mother Raffaela.