Online Memorials


2004 - 2022

When we first brought you home, I was 17. You ran around the house purring and exploring with your tail in the air. Dad was mad and didn't want a cat, but then you melted his heart. Dad built you forts, ladders, a cat flap for my window, perches everywhere, he loved buying you toys and treats, he ended up being your biggest fan.

You were always independent, you'd be missing for hours and when I'd start to worry you'd pop through the window at 2am and meow "HIIIIIIII!!!" I miss waking up and finding you sleeping on my bed and purring. I miss sitting on the couch watching tv, you'd come inside from your adventures, hop onto the couch purring, and start kneading my lap to settle in. I miss sticking my head out the window, calling your name and you'd appear out of nowhere, start running home, looking up at me and meowing and purring. I miss coming home and seeing you running down the stairs excited to see me, or I'd run into you hanging out outside and you'd come running towards me meowing and then rolling around on your back. You always looked like a ball of sunshine around the house, and you were gloriously famous in the neighbourhood for your grace and beauty.

This last year has been incredibly hard to watch you slowly fade away and try to toughen out your expiring body. We can tell you are ready to move on... we offer you mercy, we know you'll be welcomed with pure joy in heaven and we will see each other again!