Online Memorials


2001 - 2015

To our dearest and most loyal friend, Zen (a.k.a. Don, Zenny, Zenbabwei)
October 8 , 2001- September 1, 2015.

Words cannot express how sad we are that you are no longer here with us. Emma and mommy have loved you and adored you for the last 14yrs. During that time you have been our confidant, friend, companion, soulmate. You brought us such joy and love, we feel so privileged to have had you apart of our family. You brought so much laughter and love to our house, whether it was by allowing Emma and I the opportunity to make up ridiculous songs with you as the star and sing them to you, or by letting us dress you up in the much hated Halloween costume. You knew each time we were preparing to go away, because you would sit in our open suitcase as if to say "you didn't think you were going without me, did you?". September 1st will forever be your day Zen. We are heartbroken without you, but we will do everything we can to continue to celebrate and honour you.

Much love, forever and always, Emma and Christina xoxoxo