Online Memorials


2012 - 2018

Zeus and I had an immediate bond from the first day I picked him up at 12 weeks old. That bond became unbreakable and closer over the years. Never a day apart, Zeus was my friend, partner, my shadow. He had a remarkable personality that is rarely seen in dogs, intelligence to rival a person, and passion to equal a champion. I was and always will be proud to have had him in my life.
Zeus was a highly accomplished and honoured 5 year Security patrol veteran and received his Police service dog certification two years ago in the US. Last year he received his AKC rally title and was training in police tracking and article recovery when tragedy struck. I have since learned that he got sick from Mesenteric Torsion, a horrible and quick condition that kills almost 100% of the time, despite the best treatment. Zeus was rushed into surgery within 30mins and had the very best Critical aftercare at a critical care specialist but his body was literally flooded with toxins and his heart was fluctuating from 130-320bpm. It is a condition that has taken the lives of several over the years. I was lucky Zeus was with me when it happened and I was with him when he passed 24 hours later. He really was a gift from the heavens and I am in a very black place for loosing him but I still feel blessed for having had him. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.

Zeus you are beloved forever...forgotten never. My soul is broken in two until the day we meet again and cross the bridge together.😔