Online Memorials


2003 - 2019

You may not have noticed, but today the world stopped and one of our best got off. His name was Zeus and the impact he had on our lives was as big as his name.

With Zeussie Goosie Goo, the universe literally broke the mould. At just 9 lbs, he was small for a dog, but he was huge for a Maltese dog, nearly twice as big. That meant he was far too big for the show dog circuit – sizeism is real and it’s everywhere – but he was the perfect size for us. He was made to fit in to our little family, quickly becoming the light of our lives and the song in our hearts.

Our Big Guy was full of energy and fun. He trained with his dog parents to run 10km – a major feat for a little dude with 7 inch legs! He loved to play fetch with his ‘rrrrahh, rrrrah, rrrahs’, he loved walkies and car rides, and he really loved his treats.

Also known as Officer Handsome, Zeus was tall, with broad shoulders narrowing to a slim waist and a perky tail. He walked with a swagger, a doggie grin on his face, and a gleam in his eye. He may not have been a Maltese show dog, but he could have been a Maltese supermodel. He had a face to launch a thousand treats and big brown eyes to match. My Loverdog was a hit with the lady hounds too, particularly his pals and sometime girlfriends Zena and Zoe.

Our Little Dude got us through some really tough times, providing comfort and the softest, furriest shoulder to cry on. I’ll never forget being a puddle on the floor, with my ZeddyBear there to lick away my tears.

Doggie 1 was a gentle hound to everyone - even winning an award for 'Most Outgoing' - and showed great love and affection to those he knew, especially his dog parents and grandparents. Saturday and Sunday morning cuddles and kisses with his dog parents were a favourite time for all, and will be so sadly missed.

Our hearts are so heavy with his loss; the world looks grey and sad to us now, but our memories of him and the joy he brought into our lives for nearly 16 years greatly outweigh our grief. With Zeussie’s stepping off this world and joining Zena in the next one, we are comforted to know that he’s back to his best self and free from the constraints his body was putting on him in this world. It was an honour and a privilege to share our lives and our love with Zeus, our most special little dude. We were so lucky to know you ZeddyBear. Farewell, most excellent of hounds. We can’t wait until our paths cross again.