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Zeus “White Thunder”

2005 - 2014

White Thunder; ZEUS
August 22, 2005 - August 24, 2014

On August 22, 2005, a white boxer puppy with a brown patch over his right eye was born in Calgary, Alberta.

He was a very curious, yet humble soul that could melt any heart with one look into his big brown eyes. Throughout his nine years of life his soul was always caring, his heart was always loving and his spirit never lost its sense of adventure.

Zeus loved to travel and was always ready and waiting when the suitcases were packed. Some of his happiest memories included water, whether he was basking in the warmth of Lake Tahoe, swimming for a ball at the dikes, holding his breath while digging up special rocks from a creek bed, playing on the beaches in California, or wave jumping on Vancouver Island and the North Shore.

However, amidst his big athletic exterior, he was also refined and loved the culture of people. His excitement for places where people gathered was evidenced by his power to attract admirers from a distance, which was always his just reward.

Thus, whether he was at home with his family, visiting a neighbour, at a community event, or in the lobby of one of his favorite Fairmont hotels he was always polite, courteous, gentle and at his happiest when he was with people.

There is no better way to say it: Zeus was a true lover of the people. In fact, many who came to know him over the years would often say that he seemed like a ‘person’ in ‘dog’s body’.

Zeus’s ability to connect with a person’s soul was one of the greatest gifts he brought into this world and for this he will be dearly missed by so many.

Yet through this genuine love for people, Zeus continued to possess an innate awareness to discriminate bad from good and watched over his family keeping them safe with deep devotion throughout this entire life.

Zeus took his last breath on Sunday, August 24, 2014 while he lay at home in his favorite spot in his sister’s bedroom.

He is survived by his mom Karen, dad Ivan, three sisters (Larissa, Aspen and Athena) and is brother Sirge.

Zeus, We will love you forever .... Until we meet again, XO