Online Memorials


2015 - 2021

Our beloved Bedford passed away on January 21, 2021 peacefully in the arms of his devoted mom.

Born June 15, 2015 in Moore Haven, Florida, Bedford was the son of Tess and Donald. He is survived by his aunts and uncles and cousin Jack. He was loved by his grandmother, Mary who passed away just three days before him.

Bedford was loved by everyone who has ever met him. He was a charmer! He loved greeting everyone
around him. He was cute and he knew it. Besides being a social butterfly, Bedford favourite activities were snoozing,
walking, smiling, and playing with his favourite pink ball. Bedford especially loved eating. He loved his treats, bananas,
rice and anything he could eat in the backyard when we weren’t looking.

Bedford more than anything loved his mom and dad and they loved him back with all their hearts. He was always there to greet them with his kisses and his boundless energy to play. He was their constant companion that gave them unconditional love. He was there through heartache, grief and joy. In return his parents spoiled him with a ton of toys, an abundance of treats, home cooked meals and free rein of the house to cause mischief in. Bedford has taught his parents to cherish life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Bedford lost his life to kidney failure after months of treatments and bravely endured dialysis which didn’t help. Bedford
spent his last day walking in his favourite park. At the park he kept wanted to walk forever and didn’t show any signs of being sick. Bedford was himself again. He was greeting people, walking, running and as always waited for one of us to catch up. With happiness and mixed emotions Bedford’s last day will be cherished forever in our hearts.

We will miss him everyday and there won’t be a day we will not wish that he is still in our lives. We will think of him every time we come home and he is not there to greet us. We will miss his constant barking at the slightest sound outside the house. Walks in the park will never be the same. He will forever be in our hearts…

Bedford we love you!!!