Online Memorials



Belle was the baby of a feral we rescued in Edmonton. Born in May of 2001, she didn't have the best beginnings: one of 4 kittens born, 2 of which didn't survive. We found the litter in the rafters of a garage, the house was a teardown. She really was very different from all the others we have loved. We have had a house full at 7 for awhile, but she never got angry or hissed at anyone; only annoyed when the younger ones she was like a big sister to didn't want her to clean their ears.

She never was afraid of strangers, even if they were dogs at the vet's-- she was curious about them, never having been around any. She would greet you at the door raising her paw with what our friend Ken called the 'high five'. She will always be missed-- she left us way too young.