Online Memorials


2010 - 2021

Almost 4 years ago you came into our lives and left so many paw prints on all of our hearts . When we rescued you from the shelter we knew it was love and I knew I wanted to take care of you and keep you safe from anything and everything. I made a promise to you that I would always protect you but I can’t now I can’t protect you anymore and that is the worst feeling in the world , seeing someone you love in pain and you can’t do anything . Everyone knew you had health concerns and we were always there , every step of the way I fought for you , but we never expected for this to happen. Bo had been struggling with a mass in his mouth for 2 months , after numerous vets and specialist, biopsy’s , antibiotics and painkillers we finally found out Wednesday November 10th he had cancer and have made the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make for him to go to sleep . Our hearts are broken , I feel like my heart has been pulled from my chest. You don’t know how much we love you , how much we care for you , how much you impacted all our lives and how much we are going to miss you. Although we have so many memories of and with you nothing will be the same without you. I hope you know how much I tried , how much I tried to help you and fight for you. You were my baby , my everything and now your gone and there isn’t anything I can do. Heaven gained another angel and now you go over the rainbow bridge to not suffer in pain anymore. I hope you know I never wanted to give up on you , I always wanted the best for you. Rest In Peace my sweet boy , heaven has gained another angel. 🌈 😭🙏🏻