Online Memorials


2012 - 2022

Baby Ju, it has been a month since you left us to the Rainbow Bridge, and words cannot express how special you are to all of us. Ever since you were little, you were a unique one with your blue giant eyes, and that attitude full-on with your petite figure and mini ears, make us all laugh at how adorable you are. We like to think that you were a special bunny agent from another space that came onto Earth to see how human are not as intelligent as bunnies, because you always gave us that "worship me, hoomin" vibe and look.

Thank you for teaching us everything, about love, bunnies, patience, and so much more. You were always so sassy, yet so understanding. You rarely messed up the room even cage-free for many year, it only happens after I take you out on a stroll to the vet. During my school years, you always hopped onto the bed, watched me study on my computer desk, and when I turn to you sitting on the chair, you would quickly hop over to me for some head pats and bunny lovin'. Buju, you were the cutest study buddy anyone could ever have.

Ten years were not enough Honey, I wish we could have 100 years together, and I know it is a lot to ask. You must be partying hard with the other angel bunnies up there, teaching them all about us, finding your favorite blueberries in heaven, I wish you all the best and happiness. Also please kindly visit us more ok? please feel free peeking at us or bugging us in our dreams because we miss you too much, and you are so loved. Until we meet again baby, we shall see you again.

-Forever love, mommy.