Online Memorials


2005 - 2022

My husband and I adopted Velvet on July 12, 2008 from Katie’s Place. She was in the black cat room. We were just about to take the long haired black cat at our feet when she tapped me on my shoulder to get my attention. I turned to her and she climbed into my arms and snuggled into my chin. That was it, she chose us and how could we turn her away. We named her Cocoa.
One year and a month ago, we took Cocoa To the Vet because we noticed she was having trouble walking with weight on her leg. Not only did she have arthritis developing, she had a mass growing in her stomach and had developed kidney and liver disease. She was considered palliative and given 4-6 weeks to live. Cocoa wasn’t having any of that and she lived out another year but within the last month, her health started to decline.
I notified Katie’s place in maple ridge to let them know cocoa had passed. Cocoa was a "plain black cat" and had already just missed euthanasia when she WAs taken in by katie’s place. They were happy to hear she lived a full life with love and care.
She was truly a special Fur baby.