Online Memorials


2009 - 2020

Crono, I had you when you were only 1month old. When I saw you, I knew you were the perfect dog. You were the size of my palm when I first got you, about 2lbs only. At your first night at home, you were crying and it woke me up. I dropped my hand down to the box that you were sleeping in and comfort you. I remember your mouth smelled like MSG and so I always thought you were thirsty. You were such an amazing buddy, you learn and pick up things really fast. You were such a smart dog and you had the beautiful eyes. No one would ever get mad at you, your whole family loves you. Thank you for being a part of us, and I truly wish I would be able to see you again some day. The day I learned you had cancer, I got really upset. There is no way I would be ready to lose you, I went through with your cancer treatment because if I didn't. I would forever live in regrets that I didn't fight by your side until the very end. I love you Crono, we have so many great memories, adventures, fun, and happiness. If anyone asked me what I wanted this year for Christmas, it would just be able to spend Christmas with you buddy. It is Christmas as I am writing this, and sadly we had to let you go 2days ago. The moment you left, a part of me left to be with you. Thank you for being a part of your family and our friends lives.