Online Memorials


2002 - 2015

Cubbi, we were Blessed with you by what now seems like only yesterday. Our time together, even though you were 13 ½, was much too short. You’re beauty and gentleness made you truly one of a kind. Not once have you ever hissed or raised your fur (even though I tried). The love and character from you when we first adopted you, that one of a kind nature and the absolute delight and joy you brought us, told us that not just any name would do. After much thought, we had a name that was all Yours, “CUBBI” – ‘C’uddly ‘U’nique ‘B’eautiful ‘B’ellyRubaholic (oh how you Loved your belly rubs) ‘I’rreplaceable (and Totally Irreplaceable you are). What is so amazing, is you continued to Always display these traits, right up to your Earthly end.

Cubbi, our Beloved “Pooh Bear”, you always had a Heavenly Touch & you were our Darling Angel, now Darling, You are an Angel, Touched by Heaven.

You always were and forever will be an Absolute Special Delight. You are in our Minds, Our Hearts and Our Souls.

By the Grace Of God & The Universe, We are Truly Blessed to have You as a part of Us.

Thank You Cubbi, for being You and letting Us be a part of Your Life.

We Miss You. We Love You, Now & Forever – Until We Meet Again.
Your Honored Guardians,
Kevin & Erin.