Online Memorials


2009 - 2018

Here's a poem I wrote to help ease the loneliness I felt since our dog Cyrus passed away

Mommy dry your tears
You see I never left
I am the gentle wind that blows in your face,
morning sun, full moon, twinkling stars,
radiant sunshine, silvery moonlight,
heavenly clouds, blue sky,
tall trees, swaying branches,
rustling leaves, blade of grass, solid rocks,
waves crashing against the shore
every winter, spring, summer & fall
and all creatures you see around you.
I comfort you when you’re sad
Mommy, you see I never left
Feel me in your heart,
Hold on to my memories
Visit our special places
There you will feel me.
Keep me close to your heart and you
will be in mine
Our love binds us to each other forever.
And know that I love you for all eternity.
Your baby,