Online Memorials


2003 - 2014

In May 2014 I lost my beloved Dave. Dave was a happy, playful, feisty and cuddly little kitty who I loved dearly and she loved me very much in return. She always could be found sleeping behind the pillows on my bed or snuggled up on top of me in the "nook" - as you can see from the photo. She loved to be pet and pampered; until she'd deemed she'd had enough and would scratch and bite you letting you know to stop. Quick to apologize she would quickly come and shower you with kisses. She loved to mess up my freshly made bed, play hide and seek and was never found without carrying around her mousy on a stick. Especially at night when she'd make funny squeaking noises. Dave succumbed peacefully on May, 26th at 5pm to CHF. Her loving heart was just to big for her little body. Dave I'll miss you and never forget you.