Online Memorials

Jager Jetter

2011 - 2020

It's with an extremely heavy heart that I inform you that my dog and the best friend I've ever had past away in my arms unexpectedly on Saturday, August 15, 2020, just a few weeks after his 9th birthday. Today is the first day that I've been able to hold myself together enough to write this memorial for his untimely passing.

Jager is the only thing I have worth living for. I don't have parents, siblings , a wife or kids. He has been the biggest part of my life since I took him home from Morriston back in July 2011. I still remember how small he was, but he had the biggest paws you've ever seen on a puppy. From day one we had a bond that almost seemed to be like I was meant to pick him out of the litter. 

He's always there for me. He knew that the first girl I was dating at the time (who ended up being a needle using stripper) was no good, and he would constantly attack her to try and warn me. He would always let me know what people I needed to stay away from, like girls that were no good, people that were bad news, and he especially hated cops! But at the same time, he knew who the good people were, like Jess, Alex, Angie, Jaclyn and he especially loved his uncle Chris just to name a few. If I forgot to mention anyone I am sorry, I'm just not thinking the clearest at the moment. If I didn't listen to his advice, he knew exactly how to let me know haha.

From the times he would grab my shoes when someone came to the door to stop me from leaving him, to sitting at attention outside the bathroom door guarding me while I was in the shower, to climbing in my bed and then laying on me under the blankets every single night, I was never alone. Even if I wanted to be alone in bed with a female friend, he made sure he was there too haha. Ive been through a lot the past 9 years, but no matter what I went through, Jager is always there to make everything better. He has taught me what real love is. Something I never thought I would experience, and also something I know I will never experience again. We always had great times together, and after I got him his "service animal" vest, he literally came everywhere with me. In restaurants, stores, and we even traveled through Canada's western provinces. Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, but the way he looked at the mountains when we entered British Columbia...... that look in his eyes I will never forget. He absolutely loved it.

I can't write much more without completely losing it, and even now I can't stop shaking and tearing up. So I'm going to do what he and I do best, keep our mouths shut, and only tell eachother and no one else. He knows all my secrets,  and he will never ever tell them to anyone. I still can't believe that anyone could love me and be there for me like he has been. 

Love ya Jager, you're a good boy. There's no more mean ol skunks where you are now, but there's lots of stupid squirrels for you to chase, even though I doubt you'll ever actually catch one.....I can't wait to see you again, won't be long buddy, be a good boy and wait for dad. I love you Jager, be right back.