Online Memorials



Jessie, Jess was liberated from a house of known animal abuse by me 12 years ago - she was 6 ish at the time. As an ex working dog she used to round up the cows and horses on many a walk in the English countryside.
Later when we moved to Singapore, Australia, back to England and then here to Canada, she came with us, along with her best friends Blitzen the Bernese and Mr Finnley the Greyhound. She was mother hen to both dogs - looking after Blitzy when she was a pup and laying on Mr F when they both needed a snooze. She even took to naughty pup Alfie and taught him to play a little more gently with her being a senior, than he would with the dogs at Ambleside beach.

Everybody loved her - she had a sweet kindly face, grey in her latter years; she would lope up to strangers just to say hello with a gentle wag of her tail. There are so many memories we will carry forever, her love was bountiful as were her licks and when we all got too rowdy, she would proceed to keep us in check with a 'telling off' in barks.

I miss her everyday, it doesn't go away, it's just not now quite as painful and I can recall the memories with a smile instead of the great sadness left by her void. I wish I could smell her again, that warm cosy, comforting smell. I am grateful for the many years we shared together, I used to thank God each day we awoke and I would jump out of bed to find her still with us, fit and healthy, albeit very old.

She was beautiful externally but also internally, she was our angel.
We miss you girl. Always. 12 years of her company is a lifetime to miss.

Mum, Dad, Angus Niamh and Hope xxxxx Mr Finnley and The Alf.