Online Memorials



I am a friend of Jonny's Mom who lost her boy earlier this year, and she misses him terribly. I am posting this memorial in honour of beautiful Jonny. Handsome Jonny came into his Mom's life as a tiny kitten when she adopted him from the Toronto Humane Society, and he was her loyal companion and her joy. He left his little paw prints of love on the hearts of so many human family members and friends --in Canada and across the world in Africa (where his grandma now lives). His mischievous playfulness, and his regal good looks and intelligence made him a unique "purrsonality". Jonny received so much love from his Mom and grandma, but he gave so much more in return. He would want everyone to give a chance to a shelter cat, so please do. Rest in peace playing in the sunshine of heaven, Jonny - until you meet your loving family again.